Car Stop On Attiki Odos

Highways are the defining elements of the new metropolis. It is along one of these that our architecture occurs. Spanning over and resting along both sides, the complex has found its way here.

Arc shaped metal trusses are the skeletons of these fluid forms. The generous spaces allow for multiple programmatic and functional adaptations.

Enhancing this motion is a shell composed of glass and corrugated metal panels. The passing of time is caught by the reflective and transparent qualities of the building.

And, as day becomes night, the building continues to be a beacon: a place in movement along one’s destination

Architecture for the road and the driver

Craft Brewery _2

The Objectives for this project were the following:
The design of a hybrid space for the production and consumption of beer where special emphasis would be given to the strong presence of the whole process in and around the restaurant and brewery.
The creation of a space characterized by “femininity” .. We used the curve in the design of the engravings of the space and the furniture, and the wood in various shades in contrast to the existing “clean” engravings and the universality of the blue metal sheets, aiming the emergence of an interior landscape.
The creation of a backstage ocular vision. Our goal was the simultaneous presence through permeable materials (perforated sheet metal) of the “entrails” of the body, mechanical and hydraulic installations that by their nature are not “elaborate” but are vital elements of the system.

Craft Brewery _1

The goal was to break into the shell that would act as the backdrop on which a new structure would be erected consisting of layers of materials that would hide its boundaries.
The geometry of the wooden panels in free trapezoidal shapes that float in the space as if their parts have collapsed.
With the use of trapezoidal shapes, the perspective of the space is emphasized, while with the creation of sculptural sets that meander vertically, the two-storey gap of the entrance is utilized.
Within the logic of creating an interior space without clear boundaries that is constantly expanding, sandblasted glass surfaces were used, intensifying the sense of fluidity of the space.
In the logic of a behind-the-scenes vision that reveals a world behind the surface of things, we have allowed in places to be projected elements of mechanical and electrical installations such as air ducts and transformers on the two roofs.
We created a space that is characterized by an interior architecture rather than a decoration, looking for a strong central idea and following it at all scales, paying attention to the individual elements but also to the overall composition.

Opposite from a central Metro station of Athens we designed and built the second store of the bicycle company .

The shop consists of a ground floor area of 400 m2 and a mezzanine of 150 m2.

The design concept introduces the user in a way of life that is influenced and coexists with the bicycle.

The ground floor contains the main exhibition space with four big thematic categories. City bicycles, Mountain bicycles, race bicycles and finally kids bicycles.

In the vertical surfaces bicycle parts are displayed.  In the same level we have placed the bicycle repair shop as well as the space of the bicycle community (forum). The mezzanine serves the clothing and footwear department.

The particular shop is not faced only as bicycle shop but it incorporates in the planning elements, conditions and spaces that a biker experiences.

The objective was the unification of space that was found in different levels. A “ribbon” that unfolds starting from the shop’s entry in a depth of 40 m. varying in thicknesses and heights, constitutes the main design tool. It creates space of entry, display area in the shop’s façade and in the interior, surfaces of suspension of products. In the flooring it signals the course in the whole extent of the shop and finally leads to the mezzanine.

Basic materials of covering and creating of surfaces for display are:

Osb “oriented strand board», artificial turf, pebbles.

The above materials create space of display, passage, suspension of pictures, display of products etc. They are placed in the floor in the walls and finally in the roof.

The combination of surfaces from different materials that are layered one on top of the other, in the whole extent of the shop creates an intense depth of field that invites the visitor.

“Nature” as it is expressed via the materials makes apparent her presence in the space. The creation of space through blurring the limits between artificial and natural constituted the basic idea of design.

Kaningos 21_Hotel

Kaningos 21 hotel is located on the northwest corner of Kaningos Square in the centre of Athens. The existing hotel was constructed in1965 and underwent a structural reinforcement and aesthetic refurbishing in 2004.The architectural approach to this project is sculptural. The thick columns and repetitive, recessed openings are giving the impression that the building has been carved out of a mass of stone. These large openings establish a relationship between each room-cell and the city outside.

Future Health offices

The work concerns the offices of the stem cells company Future Health

In the meeting room presented, the company holds meeting with couples interested in stem cells collection plan.

We used forms that were inspired by the logo of the company as well as colors.

The space should predispose for the particular cause give a sense of calmness and laxity.

Materials used were translucent colored glass, printed words on the walls, and lacquered furniture designed by our firm as well as furniture by Vitra design company.

We used transparencies in colorful panes, printed words that refer in the identity of company. The furnishing followed the lines of design.